Body & Facial Treatment Salon


AROMATHERAPY, INDIBA, ATSI(Anatomy Trains Structural Integration), Foot Reflexology, etc.

Reconnect Body offers manual therapy and INDIBA for body & face 

based on each client's condition of daily life.

Especially, with releasing fascia, Improving your postural alignment and awareness of your pattern which may release stress, chronic pain and gain energy.

アロマ インディバ ハナムラ 筋膜

Special Offer - Use for 1 time only Aromatherapy Treatment

 20% Off


毎日9:00-18:00(最終受付) *不定休


場所:南北線・三田線 白金高輪駅 徒歩5分 / 090-7239-3425


Everyday 9:00 - 18:00 (CLOSED: to be announced)

Access:  5 mins walk from Shirokane Takanawa station / 090-7239-3425​

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ATSI(アナトミートレイン ストラクチュラル・インテグレーション)認定 プラクティショナー(身体構造統合)



INDIBA® Deep Beauty raises internal body temperature, promoting an increasing reduction of fat deposits, body contouring, and firming of the skin, whilst preventing new fat deposits from forming in problem areas. INDIBA® Deep Beauty turns a beauty treatment for the body into a healthy experience.

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